About a year and a half ago, Penny and Charlie P. had a litter. A neighbor came to pick out a pup at that time and they gave her an excellent home and named her Massey. Meanwhile, he got married, got very busy with life, and felt as though he was unable to give her the love she deserved and so he wanted us to care for her again. He advised us that one day she decided to wander and a few weeks later her belly was looking a little full. When we acquired her, she was obviously pregnant and with an unknown father's pups. On November 1, 2021, Massey had 9 puppies., 5 of which are black and 4 that are golden in color. We believe that the father was across the road from our neighbor and Massey. He is part black lab, part unknown. These pups are so sweet, cute, and snuggly. Massey, their Momma is the same. Sweet and snuggly. It has been a pleasure to witness her as a mother. Again, these are not pure bred Golden Retrievers in this litter, but we know that they will be great pups and will do well in their new homes. 

They can go to new homes on December 27, 2021.

We are asking $300.

Please see our contact page if interested.


Female #1

Female #2

Male #1

Male #2

Male #3